The Second, Short, and Third Coming of Yuni

According to the Royals Twitter account, Yuniesky Betancourt is officially a Royal… Again.

This signing is both good and.. well.. not very good.

It is good in a sense that a) it’s only a one-year deal b) Yuni has shown some pop, leading the club with 16 homeruns in 2010 c) he’s an upgrade over anyone else we currently have at the utility position (cough Chris Getz cough cough).

It’s not very good because, well.. it’s YUNI!  The dude’s almost as slow as Billy “Country Breakfast” Butler (I’m sticking with the nickname, btw.)  He sported a -7.4 UZR/150 last season, which was his sixth straight season with a negative rating. And the man simply can not get on base (career OBP of .292 and OPS of .683), something which Dayton Moore secretly loves.

I trust what GMDM has been doing this offseason, and I trust that he knows what he’s getting into with Yuni for a second time around.  Who knows,  maybe Yuni will be as valuable to us this season as Wilson Betemit was and might actually serve a purpose.  Or maybe he’ll be as solid as Neifi Perez was.  Either way, it’s a low-risk move with decent potential to serve it’s purpose.



  1. Dont Hassle the Hos

    I think overall we got the better end of the deal with the yuni and greinke trade. Since we got yuni back, overall we won. Yes we lost greinke, but with the players we got for them two in the inital trade, wery well off for us.

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