Baseball America’s Top 10 Royals Prospects for 2012

Every year Baseball America releases it’s list of the top 10 prospects for each franchise, and today was the Royals’ turn to be revealed. For the first time in a few years though, the list won’t feature the names of Eric Hosmer, Mike Moustakas, Salvador Perez, or Aaron Crow, which is a terrific sign that the franchise is moving closer to where it wants to be. Another positive sign is that it includes the names of a few international players whom the Royals scouted and signed (afterall, this is a World game now). But enough banter.. Here you go:

1. Mike Montgomery LHP
2. Bubba Starling CF
3. Wil Myers RF
4. Jake Odorizzi RHP
5. Cheslor Cuthbert 3B
6. John Lamb LHP
7. Kelvin Herrera RHP
8. Jason Adam RHP
9. Chris Dwyer LHP
10. Yordano Ventura RHP

A solid list overall that I cannot argue against. The only question I have: Why Mike Montgomery at #1? I mean I get it.. His upside is high (most say #2 starter potential), he’s left-handed, and throws a fastball that sits in the mid-to-high 90’s and a changeup that’s rated (by Baseball America, no less) as the best in the Royals’ minor league system. Wil Myers had a down year at Double-A and Bubba Starling has yet to play in a professional inning yet, so I guess it makes sense logically. Just from the way Myers has been hyped up for his pure-hitting ability over the last few years, I would have thought he’d be at the top of the list. But if Wil Myers is your 3rd best prospect, then you must have a pocket full of gold.

Baseball America also shelled out what it believes could be the Royals starters at each position in 2015. Yeah, it’s a little far-sighted, prospects bust, free agency and trades happen and all that jazz.. But it’s fun to think about, right? Check this out:

C- Salvador Perez
1B- Eric Hosmer
2B- Johnny Giavotella
3B- Mike Moustakas
SS- Alcides Escobar
LF- Wil Myers
CF- Bubba Starling
Rf- Alex Gordon
DH- Billy Butler

1. Mike Montgomery LHP
2. Danny Duffy LHP
3. Jake Odorizzi RHP
4. John Lamb LHP
5. Luke Hochevar RHP

Joakim Soria RHP

From here folks, the future looks looks like a bowl of cherries. Enjoy.



  1. Dont Hassle the Hos

    Is it me or is it weird to see that many pitchers in our top 10, yet our pitching is what has been our handicap for many years?

  2. jtuck

    Actually, it’s not really that weird to see so many pitchers in the Top 10. I’d say that when Dayton took over the organization, he made a point to go out and get pitchers because we had NOTHING! As it takes time to develop pitchers, they haven’t hit the bigs yet and now we’re seeing the fruit of Dayton’s work. Hopefully we’ll see some of these pitchers up here soon and get this rotation turned around…

  3. The Chadillac

    prospect rankings always favor pitchers…this is not wierd at all. I’d step out and say most teams top 10 are pitcher heavy.


    You’ve got to give a lot of credit to Dayton Moore for turning around this Organization. It’s night and day between when he first got here.

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