Royals Acquire Two Minor Leaguers

The Royals made a small, but not insignificant, move this morning with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

What the Royals get:

  • Luis Santos RHP
  • Luis Rico LHP

We all know that teams are always looking to add starting pitching, and this trade does just that. What the Royals gained in the move is two young (Santos 21; Rico 19), low-level starting pitchers. Neither of the Luis’ are top prospects by any means, Luis Santos is said to be the better pro prospect of the two. He’s pitched as both a starter and reliever, showing improved strikeout and groundball rates. In the Dominican Summer League, Santos went 6-3 with a 74/20 K/BB ratio to go along with his 2.44 ERA in 62.2 IP. At 19 years old, Luis Rico had a 7.04 ERA in 9 starts while pitching in the Dominican Summer League as well.

What the Pirates get:

  • Vin Mazzaro RHP

    Vin Mazzaro

  • Clint Robinson 1B

Vin Mazzaro fell out of favor quickly in KC, thanks in part to the record setting outing he had in 2011 where he gave up 14 runs in 2.2 IP. After that, basically everybody in Kansas City had seen enough of Cousin Vinny (Mazzaro, not the Joe Pesci film). In all, Mazzaro accumulated a 6.72 ERA in his 25 appearances with the Royals. Although he’s been a starter all througout his time with the A’s (beofre being traded to KC), as well as in the minors, Ned Yost opted to use him either as a spot-starter or long reliever more often than not.

Poor Clint Robinson. Being blocked by Billy Butler and Eric Hosmer meant that Clint was never going to see the light of day while wearing Royals blue. At 27 years old, he’s hardly a prospect anymore. He’s always shown he has the ability to hit minor league pitching (691 games: .325 AVG, 130 HR, 184 2B, 1.5 K/BB), but has always had a highly-touted prospect ahead of him in the pecking order. He did manage to get a taste of the bigs in 2012 where he went 0-for-4 with 2 Ks. Hardly enough to truly know what a guy can do, but enough to move on from.

The Royals were lucky to get anything in return for Mazzaro and Robinson. They, along with five others, were DFA’d last week – meaning that the Royals have 10 days to either trade them, release them, or send them through waivers.

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