Hey there and welcome to Royal Blues! My name is Marcus Ashpaugh. I am a Kansas City native, baseball enthusiast, and a serious follower of the Royals. I would say, on average, I make it to between 10 and 15 games per season. But of course I would love to make it to many more. To supplement that urge, I tune in to nearly every broadcast - whether it be on the radio or on tv. The offseason may be an even more exciting time for me (which I anticipate will change in the seasons to come).

My aim is to provide updates, analysis, and thoughtful/intriguing posts in an effort to keep you informed on the latest Royals gossip and spark friendly conversations and debates.

I am in no way professionally affiliated with the Kansas City Royals or Major League Baseball. I have no inside sources, anonymous tipsters, or anything of that nature. I won't be providing any news that hasn't been reported elsewhere, for I believe credit should be given where credit is due.

Bottom line, Royal Blues is my way of reaching out to other Royals fans to talk baseball.